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WCW's Fall Brawl Results


Eddie Guerrero d. Chris Jericho Cruiserweight Title Match In their third pay-per-view encounter, Guerrero and Jericho exhibited the combination of mat science and aerial acumen that make them WCW's most promising young superstars. Although the Cruiserweight Champ dominated his opponent with power moves and a Lionsault, Guerrero tired Jericho with an arsenal of submission-style maneuvers. The back-and-forth battle turned in the favor of Guerrero when Jericho landed on his head during a superplex attempt. Guerrero exploited Lionheart's error with a Frog Splash and the pin. The Steiners with Ted DiBiase d. Harlem Heat with Jacquelyn Another amazing battle in the long-standing war between WCW's two finest tag teams, HH and the brothers from Michigan exchanged the advantage as often as they exchanged suplexes and blows. Stevie Ray gave a particularly strong showing, dominating both Steiners -- in and out of the ring -- with fisticuffs and Mafia kicks throughout the bout. After receiving a thrashing on the outside, Scott almost suffered a pinfall after being missile dropkicked by Booker T off Stevie Ray's shoulders. But the father of the frankensteiner survived and managed to belly-to-back suplex Booker T while Rick delivered a forceful clothesline. The combination maneuver set-up the pin for Rick and Scott -- the win guaranteed them a championship match at Halloween Havoc.

Alex Wright d. Ultimo Dragon TV Title Match The high risk aerials that have defined the Dragon as an international superstar proved to be the former champ's downfall in this heated, well-fought rematch. Wright, a wrestler often faulted for his lack of concentration, displayed the intelligence of a true champion at Fall Brawl with countless counter moves and amazing in-ring savvy. After an off-the-top Dragonsteiner, Wright managed to escape the Dragon Sleeper by getting to the ropes. When the Dragon made a second attempt at his trademark finisher, the TV Champ countered with a jawbreaker. Disoriented, the Dragon fell prey to Wright's German Suplex with bridge.

Jeff Jarrett with Debra d. Dean Malenko Fighting for a US Title shot at Halloween Havoc, the match started off slow, but steamed up when the Ice Man uncharacteristically resorted to right hooks and roundhouses. The change of style seemed to throw the former Horsemen who barely escaped Malenko's trademark Texas Clover Leaf. At this point, Debra -- who Jarrett had sent to the dressing room before the match -- returned to ringside. Initially, the lady brought little luck, but soon Jarrett re-focused and started working on Malenko's leg. Malenko responded to Jarrett's new game plan with a series of pinning maneuvers and near-falls. Malenko's mat work eventually opened him up for a vicious football clip and, subsequently, a figure-four leglock in the middle of the ring. Malenko submitted.

Mortis and Wrath with James Vandenberg d. Faces of Fear After months of singles matches, the FOF returned to pay-per-view with renewed brutality. Meng and the Barbarian dominated their opponents until Vandenberg interfered by shaking the Barbarian off the top turnbuckle and onto the ring ropes. The wily manager not only succeeded in injuring an FOF member, but then distracted Meng while his charges hit their combination power bomb/neckbreaker on the injured Barbarian. The gruesome twosome followed that move with a superplex, delivered by Mortis off Wrath's shoulders. The maneuver backfired, injuring all three competitors and Meng finally received the tag. The mad Tongan cleared the ring and applied his Death Grip to both Vandenberg and Mortis. But Wrath made the save and secured the win. While Meng's hands were busy, Wrath easily applied his Death Penalty finisher from behind.

The Giant d. Scott Norton Although the Giant dominated Norton early on with displays of strength and a suplex on the arena floor, Vicious's fearless attitude and power turned the momentum. Clotheslining the Giant to the outside, the former arm wrestling champ wowed the crowd by dropping the Giant across the top rope and administering a belly-to-back suplex. The 7ft superstar once again showed that his resilience is equal to his awesome girth. Flipping up off the ground, the Giant delivered a dropkick and his match-ending chokeslam.

Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page d. Scott Hall and Randy Savage with Elizabeth Page and Luger, 0-2 against their NWO opponents, came to Fall Brawl with more to prove then their renewed friendship. But the WCW super-pairing once again proved to be less formidable and cohesive than Hall and Savage. Utilizing quick tags, double teams, and the hair-pulling expertise of Elizabeth, the NWOers managed to wallop and stuff Luger between the juxtaposed rings and beat Page into oblivion. While Savage continued to focus on Page, Hall decided to beat up referee Mark Curtis and his referee replacement. The incident incensed Larry Zybisco -- who had joined the announcing team -- enough to make the Living Legend run to ringside. While Zybisco and Hall argued, Luger pulled himself up from the arena floor. The Z-man pushed the Outsider into Luger and a roll-up pin. Zybisco made the count. Wargames: Konan, Buff Bagwell, Kevin Nash, and Syxx d. Curt Hennig, Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, and Steve "Mongo" McMicheal Pre-match, a reported attack by the NWO had taken Hennig out of the main event and turned Wargames into a 3 on 4 handicap battle. To add to the Horsemen's difficulties, the WCW team also lost the coin toss (the winner of the toss has the advantage in the opening minutes of the match). The Horsemen excelled, despite the odds, with an especially noteworthy performance by the inexhaustible Benoit. Minutes before Flair entered the ring, Hennig arrived in an arm brace and insisted on competing. After the NWO's final man Nash joined the action and obliterated team WCW, Hennig entered the ring. But instead of helping his fallen WCW compatriots, Hennig whipped off his arm brace and revealed two pairs of handcuffs. The crowd cheered until Hennig struck McMichael with one of the pairs and started helping out his supposed opponents. A 5 on 3 contest, Hennig and team NWO handcuffed Benoit and McMichael to the walls and beat Flair mercilessly. Since no member of team WCW would submit, Hennig threatened to smash Flair's head with the cage door if someone didn't surrender. Fearing for the Nature Boy, McMichael asked they stop the match and the NWO received the win. Hennig smashed Flair's head anyway -- the 13-time champ's condition was unavailable at press time.

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