Two Giant Men from Verona Beach Monday night, Lex Luger and The Giant (pictured, right) staked their claim for the right to face Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman at July's Bash at the Beach Pay-Per-View. Speaking to Gene Okerlund, WCW's biggest tag team claimed Luger's main event pin at Spring Stampede and The Giant's battle royal victory at World War 3 made them top contenders to face Hogan and Rodman, the NWO's two sport athlete. Happy Birthday, Darkness One year ago, the face of wrestling changed for good. Scott Hall strutted through the crowd during a Monday Nitro and launched a dagger into the heart of World Championship Wrestling. On this, the first anniversary of that fateful show, Ross Forman went looking for answers. He contacted Marcus "Buff" Bagwell who agreed to an interview. Great American Bash Takes Form Some of the best action at Nitro took place with Gene Okerlund as he unearthed many of the matches that will be taking place at the Great American Bash on Sunday, June 15. Responding to a video challenge from Randy Savage, DDP and Kimberly -- carrying remnants of the crutch Page used to crush the Macho Man at Slamboree -- accepted a challenge to fight Savage once again. Their last battle left both men severely injured. Desperate for a title shot, Madusa agreed to a match with champion Akira Hokuto that stipulates Madusa must leave wrestling if she loses. The NWO Wolfpack also had a special request: a World Tag Team Championship challenge to Ric Flair and Roddy Piper.
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